The Auditory Modeling Toolbox

AMT Notes

The AMT notes is a collection of information relating to AMT. An AMT note may be everything from a ph.d. thesis, a preprint of a journal paper to a note describing the design of a function etc. For example, the current status of the models is described in the AMT note #006.

Contributions are welcome, see the LTFAT documentation for details on the format.


007 The Auditory Modeling Toolbox
Peter L. Søndergaard, Piotr Majdak

Cite as: Søndergaard, P. and Majdak, P. (2013). "The Auditory Modeling Toolbox," in The Technology of Binaural Listening, edited by Blauert, J. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg), pp. 33-56. [bibtex]
2013 book chapter

006 Model status
Peter L. Søndergaard, Piotr Majdak
Current Status

003 Design of the Auditory Modelling Toolbox
Peter L. Søndergaard
2013 documentation

001 Using git to develop AMT
Peter L. Søndergaard
2013 documentation

002 Towards a binaural modelling toolbox
Peter L. Søndergaard, John F. Culling, Torsten Dau, Nicolas Le Goff, Morten Løve Jepsen, Piotr Majdak, Hagen Wierstorf
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2011 conference

004 On the relationship between multi-channel envelope and temporal fine structure
Peter L. Søndergaard, Rémi Decorsière, Torsten Dau
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2011 conference

005 Implementation and evaluation of auditory models for sound localization
Katharina Egger
2011 report