The Auditory Modeling Toolbox

Download AMT

You can have a look at the Sourceforge download page to see all available versions, or just download the latest one by clicking on the button.


To install, simply unpack the package. The models are contained in the 'amtoolbox' directory.

AMT depends on the Large Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox, which you have to install first. Here again, just download the latest version and unpack the package. After this add both folders 'amtoolbox' and 'ltfat' to your Matlab/Octave path. Before you can start using the models you have to run

which will add all needed subdirectories to your path.

Some of the models have special requirements. You might want to have a look at the AMT start for more information.

Development source

You can get the development source by accessing the GIT repository.

Access is possible by the Web interface or by using an GIT client to access the repository at