The Auditory Modeling Toolbox

Developing the AMT


The development sources, mailing list etc. of AMT are all hosted at Sourceforge.


You can get the source code by accessing the Git repository.

Access is possible by the web interface or by using a Git client to clone the repository at

   git:// amtoolbox
In order to contribute to the AMT, you will need a Sourceforge account and be subscribed as project developer. To become a project developer, contact us. If you are not familiar with Git, you might want to have a look into Using Git for the project (Note #1).

Structure and design

The currently available description on the design (variable naming, conventions, etc) can be found in the The design guide (Note #3). It is not up-to-date, many more recent details can be found by looking into the code and directory structure.


An important part of the AMT is its documentation. The content is embedded in the Matlab/Octave files. From that, we use mat2doc to automatically generate the final documentation for the releases and the web.

Generally, mat2doc relies on reStructuredText but it also includes some additional features. The formatting and layout of the mat2doc compliant documentation is described in the mat2doc documentation. The general parts of the documentation can be edited and checked online.